OK Sterilization Indicator Strips


            264103       OK蒸汽滅菌指示紙條.                                    250pc







8" OK strip (8" x 9/16", 20.3 cm x 1.4 cm)

Reorder Number: 264103

The OK sterilization indicator
strip has a standard black
reference color--the O in OK.
When the complete penetration of
the pack by pure pressure steam
has occurred the white K, ARROW
and DOT on the 8" strip change to
match this color standard. 

 OK strips guard
against incomplete steam
cycles--whether due to sterilizer
malfunction or human error.

The 8" strip is recommended as
an aid for secure sterile presentation, The left (OK) part of the
strip is placed in that part of the
pack judged to be most difficult
for the sterilant to reach. The
right end of the strip (Dot) is left
protruding from the contents.

After processing, the strip is
viewed to see if the DOT indicates
a complete color change to black.
The entire strip may then be
removed safely and examined to
see if the K and ARROW have
changed before the pack is
Packaged in dispenser boxes of
250 strips.

8" OK strip (8" x 9/16", 20.3 cm x 1.4 cm)

Reorder Number: 264103